Horizon Hobby was originally introduced to EPS in early 2018 where they claimed to be able to reduce our credit card expenses, ensure our compliance requirements, and improve our security through their proprietary processing systems. As the CFO for Horizon Hobby U.S., I was very skeptical. EPS also claimed that their platforms would integrate easily into our existing systems with minimal disruption to our business, which was also met with healthy skepticism.

We are now well beyond that initial introduction and EPS has met and exceeded all of the expectations as originally presented. While the implementation was a significant undertaking, EPS partnered with us to resolve all internal open items and there was no disruption to our business throughout the implementation process. Additionally, our credit cards fees have dropped by over 50 bps on average, significantly improving our bottom line.

One additional benefit that wasn’t planned is that our employees are happier using the cloud based EPS technologies versus physical credit card stations which is even more valuable during the current pandemic where our employees are working remotely. Overall, I have am very pleased with the partnership with EPS and would recommend them to any corporation considering a change in credit card processors.

Keith Howard CFO Horizon Hobby LLC.