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Patented <br>Tokenization


Upon swipe or card data input, CardSecure replaces sensitive information with a mathematically irreversible token, so all that is left on your system is a unique code that has no intrinsic value.

PCI-Certified <br>Point-to-Point <br>Encryption


In tandem to the tokenization process, cardholder information is encrypted and stored in our off-site vault, ensuring this data never resides on your system.

Streamline compliance and protect payments with peace of mind.

With CardSecure, transactions are backed by our patented tokenization and PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). Together, the powerful combination drastically reduces the scope of PCI-DSS audits and safeguards payments against sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

Create excellent customer experiences
with omni-channel payments.

With CardSecure, payments can be entered across multiple sales channels allowing your business to
create a frictionless customer payment experience, while accelerating the order to cash process.

Automate the reconciliation process, gain full transaction lifecycle reporting and reduce rates

In addition to providing you with superior security, CardSecure
includes a suite of applications that will give you a 360° view
of your transactions for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Gain Instant Reconciliation on Returns

Reduce the burden of manual entry by eliminating redundant data entry and simplifying reconciliation with CardDeposit, our automatic reconciliation application.

Gain Full Transaction Lifecycle Visibility

Easily manage completed transactions and perform actions such as void, refund, and re-process with CardPointe, our robust reporting platform.

Processing Rates with Interchange Optimization

Our gateway helps lower processing rates by sending complete Level II/ Level III data to your payment processor. By passing additional field level information processors require you will see immediate savings with every transaction.

Reach even more
customers, globally

EPS supports 150+ payment currencies in 37 countries allowing you to expand your business across borders with ease

Gain the support you need every step of the way

You can count on our dedicated team of payment experts to provide you with the support you need to create better and bolder payment experiences 24/7.

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