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We get it, there’s a lot of information that is thrown at you from all directions in the payments industry, and it’s sometimes hard to sift through and absorb it all. That’s why we created Charged, the weekly news aggregator that highlights everything you need to know to remain successful in the marketplace with your card acceptance service.

While we’ll always email you about big picture items (think: product releases, processor connections, operational updates, etc.), we’ll communicate the rest of our updates right here, via Charged.

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in – we’ll meet you back here next week for the latest news you need to know.

CardPointe HPP Security Enhancement 🔐


We have enhanced our security to protect our merchants, their business, and their customers with a new version of reCAPTCHA! reCAPTCHA is a system that enables web hosts to distinguish between human and automated access to websites. Previous versions asked users to decipher hard to read text, match images, or select a box confirming they were not a robot.

The CardPointe HPP now uses reCAPTCHAv3 to authenticate your customer’s payment attempts. reCAPTCHAv3 uses enhanced risk analytics to validate the authenticity of your users while they interact with the payment form. Unlike previous versions of reCAPTCHA, no direct user interaction is required, improving the checkout experience.

Compliance Concierge Service 👨‍💻
Helping You Achieve PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a crucial security measure that keeps businesses and their customers safe from hackers, but we recognize that this may be an additional burden for many companies. To show our support, we wanted to take the stress out of PCI compliance for you and your merchants by connecting you to additional resources via our new Compliance Concierge services.

PCI Compliance Made Easy
With Compliance Concierge, your will receive a premium managed support service designed to help you efficiently achieve and maintain PCI compliance – all while being backed by a team of experienced senior PCI analysts ready to walk you through the validation process as well provide ongoing account monitoring to help ensure compliance is maintained year-round!

  • PCI Manager account registration, getting started + troubleshooting
  • PCI Questionnaire support
  • PCI external vulnerability scanning support + scan dispute management
  • Dedicated phone + email support

For more information on this service and pricing please email compliance@epssecure.com

Not an EPS Client?

We understand the thought of moving processing services is a daunting task, but, if you’re not receiving optimized interchange rates and fees, paying padded and erroneous processing charges, or aren’t up to date with PCI Compliance, the IRS 6050w or a handful of other items necessary to secure your business, all of which are impacting your bottom line, isn’t it time to seek some new advice?

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