EPS Charged February 2022

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We get it, there’s a lot of information that is thrown at you from all directions in the payments industry, and it’s sometimes hard to sift through and absorb it all. That’s why we created Charged, the weekly news aggregator that highlights everything you need to know to remain successful in the marketplace with your card acceptance service.

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Global Currency Card Acceptance 🔐

Did you know we can accept over 138 currencies from around the world?

The Challenge:
International consumers want to make purchases from US-based merchants in their ‘home’ currency without paying conversion fees. US-based eCommerce merchants want to provide international consumers with an ‘in country’ shopping experience while getting paid in US dollars.

How It Works:
Merchants establish goods and services in the desired foreign currencies and display the information on their website accordingly. When an international consumer makes a purchase in their currency, the merchant sends the transaction using EPS’s Global ePricing certified connection.

EPS authorizes and processes the transaction in the currency submitted and uses conversion rates updated daily to convert the transaction to U.S. dollars for funding to the merchant. The customer is charged in their “home” currency while the merchant is funded in the U.S. dollar equivalent – making everyone happy.

EPS Custom 👨‍

From custom Text to Pay & QR code solutions, to custom business software development, integrations and even website design with SEO marketing, EPS’s complete suite of Enterprise technology services provides corporations the proper tools necessary to run an efficient and profitable corporation.

Custom Services:

  • Text to Pay   
  • QR Code Payment Portals
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Platforms
  • Custom Designed Application (Computer & Mobile)
  • Website Development & Marketing / eCommerce Integrations
  • Card Acceptance Security Consulting

CLICK HERE FOR: Custom Solutions – EPS Secure

Not an EPS Client?

We understand the thought of moving processing services is a daunting task, but, if you’re not receiving optimized interchange rates and fees, paying padded and erroneous processing charges, or aren’t up to date with PCI Compliance, the IRS 6050w or a handful of other items necessary to secure your business, all of which are impacting your bottom line, isn’t it time to seek some new advice?

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